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Supremia Attorneys at Law is your reliable and professional partner in legal matters.


The team of Supremia Attorneys at Law consists of attorneys and lawyers who are highly regarded among their clients and colleagues and who have been advising clients since 1996. Our attorneys are professional, reliable and prompt. Although we offer our clients legal services in all key areas of law, we are particularly specialised in business law and dispute resolution.


What characterises us is our thorough knowledge of legal issues and extensive experience in advising clients on everyday business matters as well as representing clients in dispute resolution and negotiations. We are continuously engaged in further development and in sharing our knowledge with others through various trainings. We also work with specialists and experts from various areas (auditors, investment advisors, notaries, bailiffs and others) and involve them in the resolution of legal issues for the benefit of our clients. Our work is fully dedicated to helping our clients and resolving their problems. We aim to identify a client’s objective, offer the client potential solutions and focus on achieving these in the most effective manner possible, while always taking the client’s views and instructions into account. While choosing the means to protect our clients’ best interests and in developing action plans, we are thorough and as creative as the law allows. We are convinced that if our clients are satisfied, we are satisfied and this is what our effort strives to achieve. We are flexible with respect to the conditions of providing legal services, but definitely not in terms of the quality of our services. We are convinced that the legal matters of our clients cannot be divided into cases won and cases lost, but that each issue examined with the client during professional counselling is always, to a greater or lesser degree, a case that has been won.

Reliability and dignity

We offer reliability and are, therefore, utterly loyal to our clients. We believe that reliability is based on honesty and clarity in the relationship between the client and us, and in realising the client’s wishes. Therefore, we provide our clients with a realistic assessment of their legal matter and an estimate of the likelihood of achieving the objective. However, regardless of the prospect and results, we stick by our clients and are ready to protect our clients’ interests “until the end”. We do not make promises to our clients that we cannot keep or give them unreasonable expectations. If it is not possible to guarantee the desired result, it is still always possible to achieve the best possible result. In advising and representing our clients, we always remain dignified with respect to our clients and their partners as well as our opponents. We believe we are fully competent at what we do, but we definitely cannot be the best in everything. Therefore, we immediately inform the client if we believe that a client needs additional help in order to achieve the best result.

Promptness, effectiveness and personal approach

We are always there for our clients and provide prompt advice and assistance. We do not waste clients’ time or money on things that are not required to achieve our clients’ objectives. In addition to the proper assessment of a legal situation, we believe it is important to draw clients’ attention to their choices and the economic impact of risks. We offer our clients personalised services, meaning that we familiarise and keep us up to date with the specific wish or legal matter as well as the whole business activity of the client. This is the most effective way to understand the wishes the client has and to foresee and prevent potential problems. For a client this guarantees the least amount of time and money spent. There is always at least one attorney from our team who is up to date with all of the client’s matters and legal issues and there is at least one other attorney who is up to date with respect to a specific case.



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